What is Sky Education

  • How is a SKY Student Taught?
    No doubt SKY is a self-learning programme, but each student receives regular support from their instructor. The worksheets are carefully arranged to teach students how to find answers on their own. The instructors offer guidelines whenever needed while s/he makes sure that the work is set at the right pace.
  • Why is SKY work timed?
    While mastering a topic, accuracy is important along with efficiency. Finding the answer of 9×8 is one thing, but being able to recall the answer immediately is quite another. Fluency and accuracy together enables your child to tackle challenges.
  • Why do SKY students complete worksheets every day?
    Because we believe that an appropriate amount of work on a regular basis is simply more effective than longer sessions with extended break. With an everyday routine, the SKY students will learn more efficiently and will make faster progress as they apply what they have learnt.
  • Does SKY study help students with the 11+/SAT/ scholarship/ GCSE/A level exams?
    SKY study is not designed for school curriculum or competitive exams. However, regular Sky study spontaneously enables children to excel academically. The skills and experiences that SKY students develop gradually help them to perform well in a variety of exams. SKY not only reinforces their confidence and independence, it also increases Math and English skills along with transferable skills that help across many subject areas. SKY study also helps students to be accustomed by test conditions.
  • Is SKY for struggling or gifted children?
    Sky is for every child. We take a highly individualized approach to education where a question is always asked, "what is best for this individual child?” A diagnostic test is initially approached, and then a study plan is set. Starting point is not important in the SKY student's progress in SKY International Standard (an international approximation of their school level). SKY suits the need of every child: Gifted or talented.
  • How is SKY different from routine tuition or classroom learning?
    SKY offers a lot more than regular tutoring and in many ways differs from traditional classroom teaching. Instead of preparing children by assessments and tests, SKY enables them to learn on their own. This is done by individualized instruction and carefully developed work materials. Each SKY student will work gradually building their independent learning skills and confidence in their own abilities by developing key skills and confidence in their own abilities. A SKY student is indeed an independent learner who is not limited by skill or knowledge of others.
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