Our Smart book is powerful adaptive technology and a platform of personalised learning system for the new generation. In order to make effective and efficient learning system, this smart book designed with all the necessary options reading, writing, highlighting, question-answer, exam and performance tracking, carer Technology opportunity. All of these tools of effective study with personalized content are available for every student that they need most. Focusing to achieve success through performance tracking, this adaptive technology forms a personalised learning path for every single learner.

1. ‘Tool Tip’ system word and sentence meaning:

This effective tool top system platform is certainly remarkable for live meaning and other information appearance of every single world.

2. Science and Math:

Even Science and Math solution are included in this ‘Tool Tip’ technology to assist reader to carry on study smoothly without need of dictionary or mathematical guide repeatedly.

3. Exam system:

Our improved and realistic exam method gives all range of students an equal opportunity to fully demonstrate their learning continuous evaluation which is core of assessing an individual learner’s ability.

4. Performance Tracking and caring system:

Robust monitoring sector of our Performance Tracking and Caring system is designed for enabling parent’s integrating to help learner to succeed. Parent’s participation is important to prevent inactive learner as well as to take precaution to avoid bad company.