Sky Education is a perfect illustration of the empowering learning system independently as it allows learners to study whatever and wherever they want, simply anything that triggers their curiosity.

Mind Sharing Live Lecture that means Sharing Knowledge with others. That has an actual existence. Whilst it may feel like science fiction, The Mind Sharing Live Lecture is now on the cusp of becoming a reality as a Smart Education. This is the story behind the concept that’s about to revolutionise Live Lecture processing hyper and simplify to the delivery system. Discussion plays a vital role to understand the concept clearly and accurately in any study. Discussion is much easier, comfortable, time and cost-saving in online. Besides, the learner can integrate with a large number of people around the globe at the same time. This great advantage is available Sky Education learner from its massive and fine Network.

  • Every Student can ask any question related live class.
  • Every Student can search to find out target student and can mind share in related lecture.
  • Every student has to be ask questions minimum to maximum. Example: Minimum 6 to Maximum 10 questions. It should be mandatory for every student. Otherwise, the student will be defaulter from the class attendant.
Mind sharing Lecture Present Result:

If 5000 student attends all over the country/region and can ask in average 7 questions Then total questions will be 35000. Approximate accountability common question maybe 34800 and deference question maybe 200! Now, the teacher will be answered delivered all filtering deference question one by one!

Mind sharing Live Lecture Future Result:

It’s a one direction Learning Method and Lifetime achievement!

It’s really very interesting to think. Mind sharing Live Lecture involved any student never ever need again that lecture. Which is already done! The reason is when student has attended to the MSL Lecture and understood with due care and diligence, some questions might have arisen in their mind, they will find the answers of the questions from the own Library in the Portal Automatically. As this was happened to other learner’s already did it and saved automatically on the own portal. It’s really segregated as vivid and unique phenomenal!