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We should Implement Sky Education in the move to improve our self-efficiencies, self-confidence. The reason is we believe in our self. We are curious, creative, and open-minded, we use imagination and continuously improve.

Through a multi-disciplinary inquiry-based approach, Global Source programs bring alive complex and controversial issues for students to study.

Our dialogues address questions such as “what is the role of education in times of crisis?” Global Citizenship programs can address an array of topics: the crises in Bangladesh.

Do you know? How many Merits do people go out from Bangladesh? From our sub-continent? UK, USA, Canada is a desirable place for most of the merit people to relocate, better least due to its great standard of living, exceptional scenery, and friendly, welcoming attitude to immigrants etc.

The Sky Education is the Spotlight on worldwide Merit People

Everyone knows that Merit Peoples are the lifeblood of any education services, and the importance of finding the right fit starts with the leadership and extends to every individual on the team - from account executives to the head of Educations. And that is exactly what drives the team at Merit People to do what they do.

Based on worldwide, Sky Education is a niche recruitment organization working exclusively within the education industry to provide elite experience, talent to help organisations drive growth and revenue. The Director at Merit People, to tell us more about the education industry and the vision, and to share a little more about the education services which extends beyond just recruiting.

By studying challenging global issues, young people are better prepared for civic participation, gain leadership skills, learn the importance of solving conflicts in their own lives.

When students have an opportunity to hear the diverse voices and understand the multiple perspectives in any, they are more able to arrive at their own informed position.

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Our LMS is working look like social media. Just Follow our consultancy these tips to become popular teacher on our LMS with students’ society:
Be Unique:

If you look at the popular teachers on students, you'll notice that all of them found a specific niche to focus on. Whether it's being a great teacher of the student society or player of video games or an expert on fashion and beauty, find that topic that you really are passionate about and can provide expert advice that will make people want to follow you.

Be Entertaining:

A similar trait among famous social media teachers is that they're fun to watch. Just viewing someone playing a video lecture isn't particularly interesting, but with great commentary, funny jokes, and helpful insights, you're likely to want to follow them.

Likewise, someone who just shows the steps to doing your makeup is not as memorable as doing the same while also being engaging, witty and with a great manner demonstrating their skill. You need a 'hook' for your niche, coupled with a personality and vibe that draws people in for more.

Provide Quality Material:

In addition to a unique focus and an entertaining personality, the third major component is to be really good at what you do. If you're going to stream on YouTube or Twitch, invest in good audio and video equipment, learn how to edit videos, and ensure proper lighting. If Instagram is your target, then beautiful, professional photography is an absolute must. If your presentations provide no value, people aren't likely to subscribe to your channel or page, and more importantly, share them with others.

Focus on Followers:

Once you have your channel or page, focus on getting as many followers as you can. Contact everyone you know and ask them to follow you and share your information with others. Then work on following others, as more often than not, once you follow them, they'll follow you back, and their followers will see notifications that you have been followed and they may follow suit. Look at larger social media accounts that are in similar areas as you as these are people likely to be interested in what you have to say.

Develop Relationships with Other Influencers:

Another tactic is to contact the major teachers in your area and exchange friendly messages with them. If you are able to strike up a relationship, the other person may be willing to promote you on his or her channel to help you out. Of course, you can always return the favour by promoting the person on yours.

Engage Your Audience:

Another similarity between social media celebrities is their active engagement with their audience. If you want to become famous, responding to comments and making videos or photoshoots based on audience requests helps to make you look approachable. This is a big difference you'll see with Internet celebrities as opposed to Hollywood, music, and fashion celebrities. Social media stars have a reputation for being willing to engage their audience rather than appearing aloof and above being social and responsive.

Learn Social Marketing:

Another important way to get people to find you is to use proper SEO on your page, which means researching and using keywords, tags and possibly even paying for ads with Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. Also learn the ins and outs of hashtags to use them to your benefit and increase followers and shares.

Be Consistent:

Create a regular schedule for your lecture and videos. You want your followers to be able to consistently expect quality material. If you post too infrequently, you may fall prey to 'out of sight, out of mind.'

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Another tactic famous teacher celebrities have used is approaching educational organizations that service their niche about promoting their brands. If an organization finds that you're a good fit and wants to reach your audience, they can work out a sponsorship deal with you that works to both of your advantages.'