Study in Abroad or Foreign Admission

Sky Admission Gateway is the Sister Concern of The Sky Education. Sky Education brings the World’s First “State-Of-The-Art Adaptive Technology” to connect the University to generate Admission Related Documents, as such, Offer Letter, Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) Letter etc. automatically! Students will be able to choose intended and affordable Universities from the pool and the Universities will be able to select Highly Eligible Students from the Panel Lists respectively! Student and University both parties will receive hassle free and seamless service. Actually, the Integrated System is generated on “Click and Collect” approach!

Ready to click & collect Student’s platform: How does Sky Admission work?
Students Collection system:
  • Sub-agents, Agents and Franchise involved in Subcontinent and Middle east.
  • Student Registration with Require All Documentation.
  • Three layers Verification and Quality Control System (Sub-agents, Agents and Franchise).
  • Final check up to Subject & department wise display on the student’s marketplace with all documentations.
Why should you choose us?

We were all International Students and have faced the unexplained adversities of immigration and its complexities and known the impediments of difficulties studying abroad. Every Student faces few problems, like:

The problems are:
  • Trust.
  • Proper Counselling.
  • Interview Preparation.
  • Applications and Visa Processing System etc.

It’s a One-Stop Solution Platform for International Students Admission, where all types of processing will be done automatically in one Place. We’ve harmonized these barriers and simplified them Technically for you all. You will get the Excellent Customer Service with due to respect and diligence at all times.

Works Like LC!

Trust with Bank Guarantee!

Automated Clearing House

Blocking System is an Automated Clearing House which has a Multiple Inter Relationship among the Sky Admission Gateway to Student to Bank to University. This Relationship is consolidated by Bank Guarantee to the University. Blocking System works like LC = Letter of Credit. Meaning here is, the University will receive relevant Student’s Tuition Fee subject to Granted Visa from UK Home Office. The Gateway is the Secure Linking Pipeline for transferring Tuition Fees to the University for Study of International Student.

How does it work: It functions like an Automated Clearing House or Deferred LC (Letter of Credit)? When a university selects a Student’s Profile and sends an offer to the Student and the Student accepts that offer; In this case, a Bank Account is Generated Automatically with our Authorised Bank! University officially sends the Offer Letter for the Course of Study and ask for the deposition of money for the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Student deposits required money to our Authorised Bank Account. Once the Required Money is deposited in the Student’s Bank Account, the Account will be blocked for all party meaning No one can withdraw this money until Student Visa is Granted or Refused. The Bank shall give written Guarantee to the University that if the Visa is granted the deposited money will be transferred to the University automatically. If the Student Visa is refused, then the Student can withdraw his money without losing a penny!

For Student Benefits:
  • Tuition Fee is locked in a Secured Bank Account.
  • Money is only transferable upon Granted the UK Student Visa.
  • No Visa No Transfer!
  • No University Administrative Costs Deduction.
  • No loss of Money because of Currency Conversion or from the Deflation.
  • Peace of Mind that the Money is in Student’s Control!

University receives Tuition Fees without any Administrative Efforts as the Gateway does this job automatically.

Student pays Tuition Fees securely or gets money back unwearyingly. Student is benefitted in Two Way:
  1. 1. Money is in his Account.
  2. 2. Save from Conversion Rate.