FAQs from Parents

  • How long is my child committed to studying with SKY for when we join?
    It is important to understand that SKY is a long term study programme and thus requires long term commitment. For study length inquiries, you can discuss the agreement that your local instructor has in place.
  • Do you accept child care vouchers and pupil premium payment?
    Many of our Instructors now accept child care vouchers and pupil premium payment. Please check with your local Instructor if they are able to offer this option.
  • What if there isn’t a study centre in my area?
    If you do not have a SKY study centre in your area, you are still able to be in touch with us. SKY offers a service in which students are able to study SKY materials via correspondence. The programmes are still same and you still will be benefited by the support and guidance of an Instructor. Here is the list of correspondence Instructors.
  • What if my maths or English is not very good?
    Parent’s main role is to support and encourage their children; there is no need to teach anything at home. Every worksheet is built on the one solved before, therefore, the worksheets will do the teaching and the instructor will guide them on their journey to becoming an independent learner. However there will be answer books to help the parent if needed.
  • What role does a parent play in their child’s SKY study at home?
    Parents and SKY centre will work together in achieving your child’s potential. A parent can facilitate daily SKY study by providing your child with a regular place and time to study, by making sure that the study area is free from distractions, by motivating them by praise and encouragement, marking each day’s work, and by maintaining good communication with the instructor. Parents will be provided with answer books to help mark the student’s work.
  • How much help am I expected to give my child at home?
    Every successful scholar needs a supportive parent and this is true for a SKY student too. To get the best results each student is required to complete their daily home work independently. Occasional help might be offered if needed but you should really make sure, they complete the work by themselves.
  • How much does SKY study cost?
    The cost slightly varies from centre to centre. Students are payable a one off registration fee, on average around £30, and a monthly fee. Monthly fee per subject is around £60 a month. To find the fees of your local study centres click here.
  • Can we stop daily SKY study when we go on holiday?
    SKY study requires doing a little every day to slowly construct skills and fluency. In case of Holidays, the SKY instructor will discuss holiday plans for each student individually and will work out a plan to build your child’s good study ethics.
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