FAQs from Organization

  • What is the market like in my area?
    Each child, regardless of their age or ability, is a potential SKY student. To evaluate the target market in a specific area, we have arranged our areas of expansion based on market research and potential interest. We’d love to talk to you about existing or future opportunities. So to get in touch with our franchise team, call us on 0203 XXX XXX for more inquiry.
  • When does a SKY centre open?
    A SKY centre opens for class typically two to six days a week. However, outside of class, your time must be flexible to the needs of your business requirements. As your business grows you may need to extend your class times according to your needs. You may add extra days at the centre and fix the time schedule accordingly. The first six months can be rigorous as you are learning about the programmes and also recruiting your students and hiring staff members. So you will need to be prepared, efficient and highly organized.
  • What type of venue is best suited for my study centre?
    A SKY study centre must be appropriate for children, suitable to sustain a child-friendly environment, be of adequate size, condition and facilities, and must comply with all health and safety legislation. Our Instructors are using dedicated or retail space increasingly, as this offers high brand visibility and accessibility to our study centre. It offers enhanced instruction potential, which enables the instructors to grow the student foundation in an efficient, organized and ascending manner.
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