FAQs from Children

  • How will my child’s progress be recognized?
    A SKY student’s progress will be recognized through the greatest reward a child can receive for their hard work, which is the confidence he/she will acquire, that will help them to overcome any challenge, to solve different problems and to gain the sense of pride for mastering advanced leveled work. We also believe that it is important to reward our students for their achievements, which will further boost their confidence and give them recognition. SKY students can achieve numerous awards throughout their journey, by reaching key milestones and studying advanced work for their age. Local and national awards ceremonies are also held, where students and parents come together and participate in the celebration of the achievements of SKY students.
  • How often does a SKY student go to the study centre and for how long?
    SKY students visit their SKY centre twice a week for as long as is required to complete their work for the day. The time spans usually about 30 minutes per subject. It will depend on their current needs for that subject, the difficulty of the work, and study centre flow.
  • How will SKY help my child with their schoolwork?
    As SKY is a global programme, it does not follow a specific school curriculum, but rather it is complementary to curriculums across the world. The primary aim of the SKY Method is to develop independent learning skills among children. These independent learning skills enhance the students’ performance right across the school curriculum. SKY operates at exactly the right level for each student, regardless of their age. It ensures that work set extends and develops their abilities, skills and confidence.
  • How do the SKY programmes relate to a child’s age?
    SKY programmes do not relate to a child’s age. Instead, the approach is that a SKY student progresses based on their current ability, regardless of their age. We have children of similar ages studying different material and children of different ages studying the same material. Here, everything is dependent on the student's needs, not on how old they are. We firmly believe that every child has endless potential and unlimited capabilities, and that they can ultimately tackle advanced work through well-paced, individualized instruction.
  • What is the right age to start SKY study?
    SKY helps children to learn independently starting from any age and any ability. But as early as a child starts, the better is the possibilities of reaching their maximum potential in terms of learning. In SKY centres we have children as young as two years old and upwards. So, as soon as the family and the child is ready to make long term commitments, SKY will be ready to help.
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