FAQs for School/College

  • What marketing support do I receive?
    As a SKY franchisee you, will receive our support through advice and information from your Area Manager and the SKY Brand Marketing Team on the marketing aspect and promotion of your business. Although marketing activity is up to the implementation of each individual Instructor, we are here to advise and help. Instructors are able to use our standard brand and promotional materials as well as have access to design a team that can help with customized marketing materials. You will benefit from our national marketing facilities, the SKY website, your own study centre web page, advice and information on social media, and our call centre for any of your query needs.
  • How profitable can a SKY study centre be?
    The profit depends on your strategic ability to grow your business and on how scalable your venue is. However, if you were running an established study centre having a student base of between 100-300 students, you could expect to earn from around £30,000pa to £100,000pa, after royalties and operating costs.
  • What training and support will I get pre/post opening of my study centre?
    After opening your SKY study centre successfully, following your one-day Orientation Meeting, you will be invited to meet with your local regional manager in order to discuss and assemble your business plan and set up the vision for your study centre. Before opening, training will be provided to you in the SKY Method for learning for our maths and English programmes at one of our flagship study centres, over the time span of 11 days. After opening, you will continue to take part in the regular ongoing trainings alongside other Instructors to further broaden your knowledge of the SKY Method of Learning.
  • What level of math and English does a SKY Instructor need?
    As a SKY instructor, you need a proper command over English and math up to GCSE level.
  • Can I purchase an existing SKY centre?
    Yes. Some of existing SKY centre's becomes available for purchase. Local centre opportunities can be viewed here. You can also call our franchise team on 0800 XXX XXX for more information on existing and future opportunities.
  • Can I meet an existing franchisee and visit a centre?
    A Franchise Recruitment Manager will provide introductions to existing instructors and organize a centre visit for you. Your initial training process will also be completed in one of our flagship study centre's to provide you with hands on experience.
  • Do I need child safeguarding checks?
    Yes. According to the requirements of the application process you will be required to have all necessary child safeguarding checks.
  • What do SKY look for in a potential franchisee and SKY instructor?
    We are looking for people who are passionate about education and child development. A potential SKY instructor will be willing to run their own business with a commitment to undergo a full training to be proficient in Math and English. All applicants are required to sit for a proficiency test in both Math's and English. Applicants should be educated to degree level or equivalent, have a full driving license, and must have a work permit in the United Kingdom.
  • Is being a SKY instructor a fulltime or part time job?
    It is a full time arrangement.
  • What does it mean to be a SKY franchisee?
    As a franchisee you get to run your own business by the aid of the unique SKY Method of Learning and with guidance from your dedicated area manager. The SKY programs are particularly designed for students to work independently, with guidance from their instructor. As an instructor your understanding of the programs would be vital to the success of your students and you will therefore receive extensive training to gain in-depth knowledge of the worksheets and the best possible use of the materials.
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